Nest & Eggs Scented Sachet

Nest & Eggs Scented Sachet

Michel Design Works

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A simple paper sachet with a pretty pattern on the outside can be one of life’s simple little pleasures. These ones feature the Nest and Egg design with a sampling of the incredible variety in egg colors and sizes, as well as nests. The vintage naturalist theme is continued with the lettering in the background. The fragrance is inspired by fresh morning rain. Try using one of these in a drawer or storage chest; you’ll be amazed at how effectively it adds a subtle fragrance to the contents. Or pour the contents into the vacuum cleaner bag when you next change the bag, and you’ll freshen the air while you vacuum. There are so many uses and each one is a delight! These are sold individually and each has 20 grams (0.7 oz) of fragrant filler inside. Made by Michel Design Works.

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